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Susan Gordon is an actress, filmmaker, post-production editor and singer based in Chicago, IL. Her significant network credits include principle roles on the FOX series ‘Empire’ and NBC’s ‘Chicago PD.’ In June 2016, she landed her first lead role in the independent feature film ‘Ginger,’ playing the title character. ‘Ginger’ follows the story of a 23-year-old woman who discovers she has breast cancer in the midst of a millennial life crisis. It is currently in post-production.
Susan is now cast in her third feature film as the villainous bounty huntress Blue Eyes in the independent, dark comedy ‘Easy Does It,’ which is currently in production in New Orleans, LA.  She also recently wrapped a comedic short called ‘Mia’s Night Out’ in April, and is fundraising for a pilot/episodic series titled ‘Sweet Feenies,’ based on characters she created with her improv troupe “Sweet Feenies.”
Susan’s other filmmaking credits include a terrible feature film she completed before graduating high school, several comedic and dramatic shorts, and a three-year-long, horror web series called ‘One Hundred Yard Stare,’ which was an Official Selection at the 3rd Annual DC Web & Digital Media Festival in 2015. Susan also enjoys singing and writing music. In 2016, she collaborated with the musical artist ‘Stranguh’ on the song ‘I Am The Fire,’ which she performed as her dubstep persona ‘Lady Qwenburgh.’
Susan graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Film, Theatre and Communication Arts. She has recently finished taking a B1 level course at the Black Box Theatre in Chicago, and graduated from the iO Theatre Improv Program in February 2017.



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clinton the pickle! (2017)

Susan co-wrote, produced and performed in the short film ‘Clinton the Pickle,’ a project a part of television series concept/sketch group ‘Sweet Feenies.’

buffy was better! (2017)

Susan wrote, produced, edited, and performed in this short with her Chicago improv troupe ‘Brazooka’ for the Rachel Bloom Short Comedy Film Contest.

the storm (2015)

The Storm is a female driven experimental short film that explores the overwhelming thoughts of depression, guilt, and healing.

the happy engagement (2014)

Susan wrote, produced, edited, and directed this short film while earning her Bachelor’s in Film Studies at the University of New Orleans.

sweet feenies

Sweet Feenies started as an improv troupe, became a sketch troupe, and is now a concept for a television series.

britt rogers. (2015)

I love you, Jason. (2015)

joni tuna. (2015)

pepperoni pizza. (2015)

purple hands (2014)

one hundred yard stare

One Hundred Yard Stare’ is a horror web series that follows three girls named Ellie, Avery, and Macy, who find themselves haunted and hunted by the demonic entity Slenderman. Their friendships and sanity become more and more frayed, as it becomes clear that there is no real “escape.”



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